Animal Crossing New Horizons: NPC Ranking

With over 30 special characters in ACNH, you’re sure to find a few favorites to interact with on a weekly basis. Now that I’ve met most of the NPCs, it’s time to rank my favorites and least favorites! For this ranking, I considered the NPC’s usefulness, personality, and interactions. 

Top 3 Favorite NPCs:

Coming in at #1… Pascal! 
His philosophical life lessons are some of my favorite daily interactions. He is also extremely useful with his new items, DIYs, and pearls. Going to see him also gets me to dive for sea creatures which usually brings in quite a few bells at Nook’s Cranny. 

#2: Brewster
First and most importantly, we share a love of caffeine and gyroids. He also provides me with new items to stock my outdoor cafe! Lastly, his coffee shop has an amiibo scanner so villagers can join me for a cup of coffee which is a very nice perk that lets me decide if I want to invite that villager to live on my island. 

#3: Snowboy
Similar to Pascal’s philosophical life lessons, Snowboys’ existential crises are equally hilarious and sobering. Their interactions are always full of drama and sassiness. Plus, building snowboys is the only way to get large snowflakes. 

Top 3 Least Favorite NPCs:

Coming in at #1… Niko. 
Oh Niko… he is easily the most annoying NPC in ACNH. Acting like he was my boss and pretending that he taught me anything outside of pillars are two of the reasons I can’t stand talking to this rugrat. As if those reasons aren’t enough, on a daily basis he tells me to go say hi to Lottie (thank you Captain Obvious) who (by the way) has nothing new to say to me. 

#2: K.K. Slider
This is mostly the game’s fault… but he’s one of my least favorite NPCs because he monopolizes all of my Saturdays. It would be WAY more useful to have a rotation of visitors on Saturdays. And not to speak for my villagers but very few of them actually go to his concerts. Lastly, he is virtually useless but I’m still forced to go to his concerts to fulfill my Nook Miles goals. Insult… meet injury. 

#3: Label
She has two sisters on my island and yet she still is determined to stand in my resident services area. Does she go say hi to the sisters who mention her on a weekly basis? Considering how much I love Sable and Mabel… I’m upset for them. 

Who are your favorite and least favorite NPCs in ACNH? Let me know what you think of my special character ranking and who you would pick in the comments!

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