Animal Crossing New Horizons: Ranking First 15 Villagers

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are hundreds of villagers with a variety of personality types that you can play with! For your island, you can have up to 10 villagers at a time. Since I started playing a few months ago, I’ve had 15 villagers on my island so I think it’s time for my first villager ranking! For the ranking, I considered a few things…

  • Behavior and how well it lined up with their personality type
  • Appearance… both uniqueness and how it lined up with the personality type
  • Interactions with me and other villagers
  • My overall opinion

Tied for 1st… Clay and Francine!
Clay is such an innocent, naïve villager and I absolutely adore him. He perfectly represents his lazy personality type with his interactions and appearance. From his reaction when receiving a fruit gift to his friendship with his bugs, I look forward to every interaction I have with Clay. 

Francine won me over with her sassy villager interactions! Considering how much I dislike peppy villagers’ obsession over being famous, Francine’s interactions with peppy villagers are probably my favorite villager interactions. On top of her signature responses, Francine’s appearance, style, and home decor line up perfectly with her fashion hobby.

3. Raymond
What I love most about Raymond… We agree that breakfast is better for dinner. I also love his style and heterochromia. For a smug villager, he is much easier to love than other smug villagers because he’s not as dismissive or rude to me or other villagers.

4. Bruce
For a cranky villager, Bruce is all tough on the outside but soft on the inside. (Pictured below… the one time I caught Bruce singing.) And his occasional comments that indicate his age are completely relatable and hilarious. Added bonus, he loves board games! I really wish he didn’t call me kiddo. .. which is probably the biggest issue I have with Bruce. (I think Isabelle could help me fix this.)

5. Merengue
Merengue’s appearance is absolutely unique and adorable. I often find normal personalities to be a bit boring after a while but Merengue’s appearance, shyness, and friendliness help with her overall score. How can you not love a villager with a normal personality?? They’re all sweeties! I just wish they had a bit more personality… something that makes them stand out compared to other stronger villager personality types like smug or snooty villagers. 

6. Drago
Similar to Merengue, I love Drago’s unique appearance. He’s a dragon! Also, Drago has the lazy personality type which is probably my favorite villager personality. The one thing that brought down his score is that I prefer Clay as a lazy villager and Drago’s appearance doesn’t always remind me of his lazy personality. But Drago’s interactions are top-notch!

7. Dom
Jock personality types are my least favorite because their conversations and activities feel repetitive and tedious… Out of all of the jock villagers, Dom is my favorite because his appearance doesn’t always remind me of his personality type and he has the play hobby so he’s constantly running around the island doing zoomies. The silver lining is that his obsession over exercise is a nice reminder for me to prioritize exercise.

8. Agnes
Agnes has been with me the longest – she was one of my starter villagers! Out of all of the sisterly villagers, Agnes is my favorite. I love how she cares for other villagers and she’s not willing to put up with their sass. She also has the play hobby and will often be found doing zoomies around the island. 

9. Goldie
Goldie is an absolute sweetheart. She comes across as a sensitive, kind villager. I loved having her on my island but I got a bit tired of her… Her interactions eventually became… boring. Also, she would occasionally come across as a bit condescending when interacting with villagers – especially Raymond. 

10. Chai
Like Merengue and Drago, Chai’s appearance is quite unique with her teacup (not pictured below due to her snowy hat). She also has the play hobby which means… zoomies. But she lost some points because of her peppy personality. The thing that bothers me about peppy personalities is the obsession around becoming famous (as I mentioned earlier).  Also, I’m slightly concerned about Chai considering her comment about basements…

11. Judy
All things considered… I think Judy is overrated. While she is a cutie, I prefer other snooty villagers over Judy and I think other snooty villagers are better at being snooty than Judy. She’s got some similar behaviors to peppy villagers (the need to be popular and famous) and her music hobby doesn’t help because she sings… constantly. 

12. Boone
Boone lacks the play hobby and cute appearance that you can find with Dom. On top of that, he has the jock personality and the fitness hobby which is not the best combination. When he was on my island, he was constantly exercising which was surprisingly annoying.

13. Puddles
Lacking a unique appearance and the play hobby like Chai… peppy Puddles has few redeeming qualities and I started to actively avoid her when she was on my island. The combination of a peppy personality with the fashion hobby makes Puddles unbearable and her interactions are repetitive and tedious.

14. Gruff
I don’t often like to comment on a villager’s appearance in a negative way… but Gruff’s appearance is off putting. Considering that he also has a cranky personality, I didn’t find much joy when talking to him. Additionally, his furniture items are some of my least favorite in the game. Tom Nook filled a spot on my island with Gruff so I have him to thank for the unenjoyable experience of having Gruff on my island.

15. Chops
What I dislike the most about Chops are his arrogant appearance and “better than” comments. There are significantly better smug villagers out there who are much easier to tolerate. And once again, I can thank Tom Nook for filling a spot on my island with Chops. Cheers to the lowest ranked villager I’ve had since starting ACNH.

And there you have it! My first 15 villagers ranked from best to worst! You probably noticed some trends like how I love the play hobby and can’t stand the famous obsession. Of course, these are my opinions and personal preferences. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any of these villagers on your island and what you thought of them!

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