The Hunger of the Gods Review

Title: The Hunger of the Gods
Author: John Gwynne
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Published: 2022
Pages: 626 (Kindle)
Goodreads Rating: 4.56
Rating: 10/10

“A new age has dawned, the wolf-god’s voice howled in her thought-cage. A wolf age, a sword age, and blood will flow in rivers.”

In The Hunger of the Gods, Gwynne continues in the Bloodsworn world with a truly epic addition to the series. Follow Orka, Varg, and Elvar as they continue their saga-song journeys to find a missing son, rescue a witch, and resurrect a god. Buckle up because this fast-paced story does not let up on the action, adventure, violence, and death that permeates a world of myth and ruin. 

First book issues are addressed
In The Shadow of the Gods, I had two main issues: clarity and connection. I thought Gwynne did not sufficiently explain or allude to key connections throughout the book and it took me ages to connect to any of the main characters. But in The Hunger of the Gods… those issues are fully addressed. Critical moments are given the pages they deserve, connections are clearly laid out, and I am emotionally attached to the main characters. Gwynne added over one hundred pages to this book versus the first one and I think it was absolutely needed in order to successfully deliver this epic fantasy story. 

More POVs
We have two more POVs in this book and boy were they necessary! They give us an insider’s look into the cruel, sickening goings-on that will make you demand a just comeuppance. 

Edge of your seat moments 
This book is PACKED with moments that will send you on an emotional rollercoaster. There were multiple times that I went from heart-racing anxiety to cheering relief to gut-wrenching agony in seconds. Without getting into any spoilers, just find solace in Chekhov’s gun.  

Variety of characters and creatures
The Shadow of the Gods introduced us to the intricate web of personalities, races, creatures, and classes in this world. The Hunger of the Gods provides us with more detail into many of those creatures and races. New POVs help with this additional insight given that many of the creatures align with the cruel gods and wizards. 

Slaves’ will to live… 
Throughout the book, you’ll read about cities that have slave markets where thralls are auctioned off to new masters. The characters note the emaciated bodies and lifeless eyes amongst the slaves who are shoved into animal pens to await purchase. You read about thralls who are beaten and raped because they tried to escape. And yet… you never hear about their will (or lack thereof) to live. I’m surprised that this is not mentioned or addressed by Gwynne – especially considering that we have Varg as one of our main characters who struggled as a thrall for many years. Perhaps it’s enough for us to make our own conclusions. 

The Hunger of the Gods was everything that I hoped it would be! I am now eagerly awaiting the third book in the Bloodsworn Saga. 

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