The Season of Giving: Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine starting the largest European invasion since WWII. Ukrainian troops were outnumbered and outgunned with many military experts expecting the war to be brutally swift. However after weeks of fighting, Ukraine showed their resilience and bravery as they successfully stood against a terrorist state.

The international response has been immense. Members of NATO have stepped in with a wide range of assistance including humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine as well as condemnation and sanctions on Russia. The International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into Russia’s crimes against humanity and war crimes. Protests have occurred around the world including in Russia which were abated with mass arrests and media censorship. Almost one year later, the war is far from over. 

As we celebrate with family and friends throughout the holiday season, let’s remember Ukraine as they continue to fight for freedom and strive for peace. Freedom is certainly not free and Ukraine is a continued source of inspiration as they consistently show their resilience, strength, and courage.

Are you looking for ways to donate? Check out five options below. 

Ukraine Red Cross: all funds are used to help those in need including blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency efforts 

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund: your donation will provide shelter, food, and water for refugees as well as health and economic support 

Libereco: your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid

Kyiv School of Economics humanitarian aid campaign: your donation helps to provide food and medical supplies, transportation, and refugee help for Ukrainian citizens  

Support Ukrainian Media: your contribution helps to keep Ukrainian media going as they continue to operate under extremely challenging circumstances 

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