Animal Crossing New Horizons: Top 5 Struggles

The ACNH community is starting to talk about the next Animal Crossing game and there are some things that I would love to see in the next installment! While I love ACNH and all of my lovely villagers, there are some areas of opportunity that could improve the gameplay. Check out my top five struggles with ACNH.

Doing anything in bulk
From purchasing to crafting to cooking, you can’t do anything in bulk. Let’s say you want to make 20 fish baits, you have to make each one individually. What if you like multiple colors of the same clothing item? You have to buy them individually. What about making or removing a walking path? Each square has to be placed or removed separately. For the next Animal Crossing game, I’d love to see an Able Sisters shopping cart feature, DIY bulk crafting and cooking, and an island designing feature similar to Paradise Planning when you’re designing a villager’s yard. 

Traveling to other islands
Let’s say you’re using NookFriends to travel to other players’ islands. You go to your airport, talk to Orville, and he says the dreaded “Wuh-oh! Looks like we’re getting interference.” Be prepared for a long wait and a lot of clicking. Why does ACNH only let one player travel to an island at a time?? If for some reason that’s the only option, then at least add me to a queue so I don’t have to keep trying over and over again until Orville finally lets me leave.

Repetitive dialogue 
I think this is probably one of the easier things to fix for the next Animal Crossing game. When interacting with NPCs and villagers, I’d love to see a wider variety of responses! 

Holiday-themed elements 
I was a bit surprised to see a lack of holiday-themed elements in ACNH. For some holidays (Valentine’s Day, Festivale, birthdays), NPCs and villagers will have new dialogue or attire to celebrate the occasion. But for many more holidays, the game doesn’t seem to add any features to acknowledge or celebrate them. I think this is a pretty big miss and I don’t understand why only a small handful of holidays get additional attention. In the next version of Animal Crossing, I’d love to see at least some added acknowledgement of the major holidays from the NPCs and villagers. 

Items you can interact with/use
While I love decorating my island, it is disappointing that I can only use or interact with a small portion of the items. Things like bathtubs, showers, treadmills, and scooters… you can’t actually use them. They are simply there for aesthetic purposes. For future Animal Crossing games, I think it would add a fun element to the game to be able to do things like ride a bike around your island or take a shower after a long day of work.

Is there anything that you think ACNH could improve on for the next Animal Crossing game? Let me know in the comments!  

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