Kingdomino: Age of Giants Board Game Review

Title: Kingdomino: Age of Giants
Designer: Bruno Cathala
Publisher: Blue Orange
Type: Family
Players: 2 – 5 players
Recommended Age: 8+
Time to Play: 20 minutes 
BGG Ranking: 7.3 
My Ranking: 8/10
Game Level: Beginner

My quick review: Age of Giants is a need-to-have expansion for Kingdomino that fixes what the original game lacked… player interaction and competitive tension. 

Kingdomino: Age of Giants is an expansion for Kingdomino. Check out my full review for Kingdomino here

In Age of Giants, giants have invaded the kingdoms! Save your precious land by sending them off to your opponents’ kingdoms. Age of Giants is an expansion for Kingdomino and Queendomino. You are introduced to new dominos, bonus point tiles and, of course, giants. Dominos with giants on them force you to add one to your kingdom by covering up one of your crowns… but acquire a footsteps domino and you can send it off to your opponent! 

Like the original game, the expansion is easy to learn and it only adds about five minutes onto the game. With the expansion, it is still a lighter board game that has a bit more strategy and your play style can vary a bit each time with the different point tiles. The way to win stays the same… calculate your score based off of the lands with crowns and add in the bonus points if you earned it! But be careful… giants covering up crowns in your kingdom make you lose valuable points… 

In my opinion, the new features of this expansion are exactly what the game needed! The giants add a level of competition and player interaction that was lacking in the original game. The bonus point tiles also change up your strategy and domino selection as you work towards the extra points. For me, this expansion is a need-to-have because the game is stronger with the added challenges. It takes Kingdomino from a 7 to an 8 out of 10. 

If you are trying to spice up your Kingdomino experience or if you are new to the game entirely, make sure to grab Age of Giants! Each time you go to grab Kingdomino from your collection for game night, you’ll likely always grab Age of Giants as well.

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